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Binary options is a new investment instrument which reveals huge financial opportutities. This is the only financial instrument which provides return on investment as big as 85% per hour. Of course the higher potential profit is, the more risks you take.

The truth is: most of these risks can be avoided.

We are the indepent team of traders, analysts and journalists. We believe that the only risk investor should take in binary options trading is the natural market risk. Our goal here is to prevent you from trusting your money to scam brokers. Trust us, there are lots of ways frauds can steal your hard earned money in this industry.

You work hard, you earn your own capital penny by penny and then you are looking for the opportunities lo multiply your money. And here comes the frauds. Their offers are so impressive: 300% bonuses to the first deposit, free autotrading, free sevrivces of the professional fund managers, free trading signals with 99% win rate. Have you ever considered that some part of these promos may be fake?

As professionals in this industry we know that more than 50% of all promos are marketing tricks with the only goal to deliver your money to te scam broker. Protect yourself from scams! Read BinarySpeaker. We created our own brokers rating so you’ll never lose money due to investing you capital in  scam broker company.

We also make reviews on most new products and services at binary industry. Be smart. Read the review first, invest only after you make sure the promo is not a scam. 5 minutes of reading will save you hundreds of dollars!


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